Unique Monument celebrates it’s 20th aniversary

July 10th, 2009 by Alena Kottová
"Crucified Again" Monument

"Crucified Again" Monument

A Monument to the victims of communism – the only one of it’s kind in the world, was unveiled on July 2nd, 1989 in the Masaryktown Park in Toronto. Today it is already twenty years since the monument was erected … the world has changed, the iron curtain has fallen, but we can never forget the evil communism brought to countries and people alike. Tens of millions of people were murdered or tortured to death by communists and the count is still rising… This monument serves to remind us of that.

The monument, named “Crucified Again” was created by czech artist Josef Randa. It shows a man, suffering on a “cross” made of a hammer and sickle – the symbols of Communist Russia. The idea was brought forward by group K-231 ; an exile group of political prisoners from former Czechoslovakia. They also organized the fundrising through the community of political ex-prisoners, political refugees and other victims of communism in the czech and slovak communities in Canada.

The result of this effort is now standing in the park, reminding us never to forget and overlook the suffering of people in communist countries from Cuba to China. The monument is protected and maintained by the Masaryk Memorial Institute in Toronto. It is worth a visit for everyone – remember to cherish and protect the freedom we have in Canada, as not everyone enjoys that opportunity. Visit www.masaryktown.org



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