Odpoledne plné leteckého dobrodružství

April 23rd, 2009 by Nový Domov

edenvaleSokol Toronto ve spolupráci s Edenvale airport připravuje  pro děti den plný dobrodružství, jak nám o tom napsal hlavní organizátor a kouč Mirek Janda z torontského Sokola :

Dear parents, kids and our friends, 
Sokol Toronto is inviting you to an afternoon of fun at the Edenvale Aerodrome for Sunday, May 24, 2009. 
We would like to introduce the kids, their parents and all the other participants to the activities at the Edenvale airport, explain some technical aspects of flying, see a short movie about airplanes, tour the hangars and be able to experience the real airplanes, and with the permission from your parents or spouses, you might be able also to participate in sightseeing flights. Please join us for lunch at the newly opened Cafe to start the amazing day.

It is important to confirm your participation in advance.  Please send me (mirekjanda@yahoo.ca) an e-mail confirmation with your full name, indicating adult or kids meals and if you would like to sign up for the sightseeing flight.  
I have to receive your confirmation no later than MAY 1, 2009.

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