Prague Made a BEST BRUNCH List

March 30th, 2009 by Jerry Kott
Chlebíčky - a favourite Czech culinary creation.

Chlebíčky - a favourite Czech culinary creation.

The Toronto NOW magazine publishes a list of the best places in Toronto to have a brunch. Most people in the Czech community know Prague Fine Food Emporium under various names (U Pichlíka, Prague Deli, Pražské uzenářství, …), depending on when they first arrived to Toronto. Notwithstanding the differences in name, they will agree on one thing: that the inclusion of The Prague in a recent BEST BRUNCH list is well deserved. Great food, reasonable prices, and friendly atmosphere  have made it a regular destination for many Czech & Slovak expatriates, Czech NHL hockey players, celebrities, diplomats, the list goes on.

My favourites: chlebíčky, rohlíky, věnečky, and laskonky. Everything else on the menu is not far behind.

Congratulations to Tom and Helenka, to their parents and grandparents, on keeping Prague Deli a true oasis of Czech and Central European food in downtown Toronto for over four decades.



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