The Czech Republic at Expo 2010

December 18th, 2008 by shm

On Tuesday, Dec 16, Czech officials announced the results of a nationwide design tender for the Czech pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.

The winner of the 185-million CZK (approx. $12 million CAD) project has been chosen the Film Dekor – a firm specializing in interiors, model manufacturing, and set design company will develop the exhibit.

In the past, Film Dekor has worked on successful productions such as Casino Royale, Hellboy and Bathory. Now the company may reach its biggest audience yet.

The major theme of the Czech exhibit is “The Fruits of Civilization”, and Film Dekor’s design adds to that by stressing motifs of urbanization and city life.

The very façade of the pavilion will feature a silhouetted map of Prague’s historic centre, black on white. Up close will it grow clear the map is made from thousands of hockey pucks; as anyone who remembers Nagano ’98 will know, hockey remains an immensely popular sport in the Czech Republic.

The interior of the pavilion will feature dynamic exhibits overhead, providing visitors with plenty of room to move and examine specific items and multimedia presentations. Interior artistic projects will reflect such themes as environment, transport, and technology. Works by well-known Czech artists such as the group Rafani, producer and composer Jan P. Muchow, as well as the highly-respected David Černý – known for a number of installations around Prague, including the futuristic babies that scale the Žižkov TV tower – will be included.

The Czech pavilion in Shanghai will cover 2,000 square meters and is expected to see thousands of visitors daily from May – October 2010.



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