Elected Government on Trash Heap of History?

December 2nd, 2008 by Jerry Kott

That the CBC is a bastion of left-wing, liberal, politically correct journalism is a well-known fact. That the Canadian journalistic elites despise Conservative governments and glow with glee every time the Conservatives get in hot water, is both apparent and understandable. But who exactly does Peter Mansbridge think he is? Karl Marx?

In last night’s edition of The National, Peter Mansbridge utterred a very unfortunate phrase: “Is there a way for Stephen Harper to rescue his government from the trash heap of history?” Under normal circumstances, this could be considered an oratory exercise, a reference to that famous phrase used by Karl Marx in Das Kapital. But these are not normal circumstances. Here we have three Canadian political parties, one bankrupt (both morally and financially), one socialist, and one separatist, trying to usurp power from a minority government formed by the winner of last election. Marx said that capitalism was destined to the trash heap of history. Now, it seems that Peter Mansbridge and his copy writers would like to send Canadian parliamentary democracy to the same destination.

I don’t like hyperbole, and it would be an exaggeration to say that the current political crisis in Ottawa amounts to a socialist coup d’état. It does not – at least not in the same sense that communists took power in Czechoslovakia in 1948. It would be too tempting to draw parallels between the events in our native land sixty years ago and the present situation in our adopted home. But there is a reason to worry.

Under the proposed terms of a coalition government, the cabinet would have 24 ministers, out of which 6 would go to NDP. That Stephane Dion, an unpopular and incompetent leader of the Liberals, should be a Prime Minister, would have grave consequences. Liberals only hold 77 seats in the House of Commons. Where do you think the Liberals would find eighteen people to fill the cabinet? That’s more than twenty per cent (or 1 in 5) of their current representation in the parliament. The conclusion is that if the Liberals are allowed to form a coalition government, it will, by statistics and necessity, be filled with people with no experience, no mandate, and no support from the electorate. If you think the current political circus is bad, just wait until the Liberals, the NDP, and Bloc Quebecois get a chance at governing together…

Fortunately for humanity, 160 years after the Communist Manifesto was first published, capitalism is alive and well. Let’s hope that the current political crisis will blow over, and the wishes of the bleeding hearts at CBC will remain unfulfilled. Let’s hope that the Governor General will consider the best interests of a united and prosperous Canada, and will not give Stephane Dion the permission to form the next government.

P.S.: To be fair, there are CBC journalists who don’t fit the left-wing liberal label. As usual, Rex Murphy’s excellent commentary of the power-grabbing partisan bunch on the Parliament Hill (including the Conservatives) was right on the money. Thank you, Rex.



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