October Vacations

October 19th, 2008 by Jerry Kott

Driftwood on a beach, Vancouver IslandI have always loved taking time off in October. Not only it’s the most beautiful time of year, with golden leaves and clear blue skies – it’s also our wedding anniversary, which means the vacations always turn into a romantic getaway, reminiscing on the years spent together in a happy marriage. The tourist crowds are gone in most places, the tickets are cheaper, it’s not hot anymore… in other words, it’s the perfect time of the year.

This year, my wife and I visited the beautiful Victoria, BC. We spent time with our family and friends who live there, took trips to nearby natural wonders, took walks on the beach, went for a whale-watching tour… the time flew by. The trip was as short as it was memorable.

Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial ParkSo, after a rather long silence for a blog, we are back in Toronto, ready to bring you more news and stories about what’s happening in the community. The printed edition of Novy Domov will be out in the next few days.



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