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June 29th, 2008 by Nový Domov


We have a few more registered subscribers, but I noticed that the RSS subscribe has been hidden from the view, at the bottom of your browser window. We have fixed that. If you have a modern browser like Firefox (sadly, the new Internet Explorer has some compatibility issues and many people are still not upgrading), or use a specialized blog reader program, you can use RSS Feed this link to subscribe to the site content.

We are still in a sort of experimental stage, working on a closer integration with (which the blog will eventually be part of), and, the publisher of both printed and online edition of Nový Domov. Please bear with us.

Other than that, we have a new author/contributor, George Jirka Grosman. George is a Toronto jazz guitarist, writer, and an overall fun guy to be with. We appreciate his contributions, and are hoping to attract more contributors to bring you the news, events, and their points of view on the life of Czech and Slovak community here in Canada and elsewhere. Stay tuned!



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